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Importance of Tax Related Procedures-

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  • Tax related procedures help in determining correct profitability of any enterprise or an individual because all the income is not available for spending. The company or an individual has to deduct taxes from the income and the final value that comes after subtracting the taxes is the amount available for spending.
  • Tax related procedures are determined on the basis of taxation policies by the government for different entities and they have to follow it and pay a certain portion of the income in the form of taxes to the government.
  • It is important to follow tax related procedures in set format as prescribed because it provides uniformity in representing financial information.
  • Tax related procedures are generally predefined rules for calculating the taxable income and implementation of current tax rates.
  • These procedures help to ensure that no loopholes are there while reporting the income and unless the taxation aspect is kept in mind, true profitability of an enterprise cannot be determined.
  • It is the duty of every business organization and individual to pay the taxes on time and to follow all the procedures as set. Because if they try to evade taxes or understate their incomes in order to pay less tax, then they can face huge troubles in the form of penalty and fines.

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