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What do you understand by stock exchange?

Stock exchange is a regulated and organized financial market where you can buy and sell securities like notes, bonds, shares, etc. Prices on these stocksare governed by the market forces which in general are demand and supply.Stock exchanges serve as:

  • Secondary market for investors to sell their securities for cash
  • Primary market for corporate and incorporate bodies for raising capital and then utilizing it for productive ventures

What are stocks?

Whether it is for opening a new business or expanding it, every firm or company needs funds. Being a popular form of financial instruments, stocks are considered as a financial security type which signifies ownership in a company. With a certain portion of stocks in a company, you can also claim a part of its earning and assets.

Traditional customs of stock exchange which is essential for your subject

Being a student of finance, in study of stock exchange homework help service, you will come to know about certain aspects in under this topic.

  • Statistics
  • Business ethics
  • Regulators in stock exchange
  • Micro and macro economics
  • Business communication
  • Business marketing
  • Risk management
  • Financial accounting

How will you find help with

With our study of stock exchange assignment help service, you will find information about these terms.

  • Explanation of stocks and their types
  • Reason for stock issue
  • Role of shareholders
  • Requirement of stock exchange
  • Benefits and disadvantages of stock exchange flotation
  • Different stock exchanges

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