Students Can Learn How to Not Have Homework

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Homework is the most important and the integral part of a student’s life. It is the first step and indispensable for all students to make their concept of learning bolder and for achieving   a better academic career in their future. But students are not always very serious about this responsibility.

As they do not have any idea about real life challenges, hence they don’t even bother about their homework. So instead of doing homework they like playing, watching movies and television, internet surfing, outings, parties,etc. So they always find the way how to not have homework.

But avoid is always not the best policy as sometime they get caught by their teacher.  So they try to make different innovative alibis to get their teacher’s sympathy.  Here are some points which they used to get away from involving all day with monotonous home assignments.

  1. Work is destroyed

The easiest excuseis to say that they have done the homework,but somehow, it is destroyed.

  • If they have any younger sister or brother at home,they can easily blame on them. Tell the teacher that your younger brother or sister has torn the assignment pages and due to that reason you are unable to submit it in class.
  • A pet like a dog or a cat can be another option. Theyjust say that their pet spoiled the homework file or carried it away and lost it.
  • Sometimes they say that their computer had crashed just before completing the assignment.So,theyare unable to finish it.These are the basic things to learn how to not have homework.
  1. Assignment question paper has lost –

It is very common to say that they do not have the questions as

  • If they had missed the class when the assignment was given there is nothing like it. That is one of the biggest excuses for not doing homework.
  • Or else they can say that the homework question sheet had been lost from the class so they could not find it in the bag that is why they were unable to do the homework.
  1. Having a health issue
  • Physical illness is a very good option for avoiding homework and student often use this option.
  • Health issues of a family member also can be a good reason.
  1. Unable to manage time
  • Giving an excuse for other work is a common practice for the students. They often say that there was a lot of other homework from other classes so could not find time for doing that job.
  • Reason for involving in extracurricular activities or some volunteering job is another better option for the students that can sometimes be excused.
  • Family responsibility also can be shown as a valid reason for not doing their homework.
  • A sudden visit of a guest when the student was alone in the house can be a good reason for avoiding the homework.These are the common way to find how to not have homework.

 Unable to understand

  • Often student says that they are unable to understand the topic of homework and ask for a second-time
  • Sometimes they try to prove that due to critical subject topic they are unable to do their homework so they are badly searching for a homework help and assure their teacher that they can submit the job very soon hence, asked an extension of the deadline.

Though I have tried to draw your attention to some tricky way which is used by the students to avoid their homework, I believe that students are forced to do this.If we are bit careful about their present and future, it can be reduced. They do not need to find how to not have homework.

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