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Exponential distribution is a very important topic in the subject of Statistics and is associated with the concept of probability. It is a kind of probability distribution that actually depicts the time in between the various events related to a Poisson process. It can be really a big challenge to understand all its aspects on your own and that is why you should look forward to taking Statistics Exponential Distribution Exp Assignment Help.

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Important details about Exponential Distribution

When we talk about one of the most widely used continuous distributions in the statistical world then it is none other than Exponential Distribution. It is sometimes also called by the name negative exponential distribution.It helps in the depiction of the time frame that has passed in between different events. You can also call it a typical case related to gamma distribution.

In relation to geometric distribution it can be considered as the continuous analogue. One of the main properties that it holds is of being memory less. For statisticians the topic of exponential distribution is highly useful in reaching important conclusions. Apart from its usage in understanding the Poisson process in a better way it is supportive in various other contexts as well.

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Various sub disciplines under Exponential Distribution

Exponential distribution is a wide topic where you will be required to have an understanding about a lot of intricate concepts. Some areas associated with this topic are discussed as follows-

  • The probability density function, cumulative distribution function, parameterization in an alternative manner etc.
  • Understanding mean, median, variance, moments, quantiles etc.
  • Parameter estimation procedure and methods.
  • The process of generating exponential variate.
  • Understanding the concept of related distributions.
  • Actual applications of exponential distribution.

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Why you may get stuck while answering the questions on Exponential Distribution?

Exponential distribution is not an easy topic that you will understand just by reading once from your textbooks. Its theory is a bit complicated to understand on your own and the topic covers a lot of mathematical equations, derivations, numerical analysis, graphs and diagrams.

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