Stages That Can Help You Get a Doctorate in English

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A doctorate is the highest degree a person can achieve in the field of studies. Hence, it can be easily concluded that it’s not easy at all. A person can get a doctorate in most subjects. It takes a lot of time in researching and finishing dissertations for the field you opted to get your doctorate degree from a university or college.

Getting a doctorate in English can be rewarding though you have to face obstacles while researching for your dissertation. While getting a doctorate in English you can enjoy modern days writers as well as classical times writers, it depends on what/who you want to do your paper on. Main things to remember while getting a doctorate are:

  • It takes a minimum time of 3-4 years to get a doctorate degree.
  • Admission in a college/university where the course you want to pursue is available.
  • The course requires a lot of research on your dissertation subject.


Generally, for a doctorate, you need to know ways that can help you get a doctorate in English. In English or any other humanities subject one has to earn a master’s degree from a college or university before one can study or apply for a Ph.D. The following points will help you understand the requirements for getting into a Ph.D. program in English:

  • Many institutions will need one to give an exam before he/she is allowed to a doctorate degree. So one must make sure what are the requirements of the university he/she is trying to get into for the Ph.D. program.
  • You must have a master’s degree with required credit marks on the English subject or any other related field in order to get a Ph.D.
  • Sometimes many universities allow a student to go directly from an undergraduate program to a Ph.D. program depending they meet all requirements of that institution. Every institution has different requirements so one should get information in detail.
  • Some universities/colleges allow a student’s master degree work into their Ph.D. program if he/she is getting a master’s degree in English. Again this depends on the college or university you are attending.
  • A very important part of getting a doctorate is choosing the correct program which will suit you best while keeping in mind about the best institutes which offer it. While researching about this you will get to know the requirements too about all the institutions.
  • Not only a college but also the professor under whom you’ll work and study matters. The professor will be helping you with your studies and dissertation and help you grow during the course work.

Application Process

The application process is considered the most important as it involves many things to be done in a proper way. This process includes:

  • While applying all colleges want the candidate to submit Letter Of Recommendation. These are like certificate which portrays your attitude towards work by the people who are familiar with your work.
  • SOP or statement of purpose is written by the candidate where he/she writes about himself/herself and why he/she is qualified for the doctorate program and why he/she should be chosen for it.
  • You have to prepare an essay as a writing sample. Through this essay, the admission committee comes to know about your quality of work and decides whether you should be accepted or not.
  • Next part is your CV. It should have all your accomplishments listed along with your high school, grad school and master degree’s score.
  • Filling out forms is an easy part. It can be done by printing it out or online. Most colleges/university have online application form these days. Just be careful to fill it up correctly.
  • Before submitting your essay, SOP and application form make sure you proofread it as many times as possible. Make sure you have no small or big mistakes.
  • Transcripts are always needed when applying for graduate, master’s or a doctorate program and should be mailed to the proper authorities before the last date of submission.
  • Lastly, one should apply to a number of colleges as you will have no idea how many people are applying for the doctorate. So it’s better to apply in a number of institutions rather than just one.

This application process is very important. If you don’t do it properly your application might get rejected. Once my application got rejected due to some minor mistakes. I had to wait for a period of time to apply again and get admission. There are a lot of sites nowadays from where you can get more information about the application process so that you don’t make any mistake.

Coursework a candidate have to do to get a doctorate in English

The course work requires more than just studying or giving exams.Throughout the course work, one needs help constantly as the workload is huge and needs to be done in a proper way so that it helps the candidate in future. It consists of many things:

  • First, you have to choose on what field you would like to get your Ph.D. A lot of options are available for a candidate to choose from medieval to modern times. Apart from the major subject one has to choose a minor subject too.
  • Professors will help you with your exams by discussing major and minor subjects with you. You should always consult with your professors and advisors as they will help you go through the coursework as smoothly as possible.
  • During the course work try to assist the professor with teaching or in something else. This is a way most get funded.
  • To be a Ph.D. candidate in English you have to give a written examination. Upon passing this the only work left is the dissertation.
  • This dissertation will be an original work and a lot of research has to be done for this. For research, proper funding is also needed. And after the dissertation is completed you have to submit it to the committee and if they accept it you will receive the doctorate degree.

A lot of homework sites will help you with your research and complete the dissertation. From here you can get help from professionals anytime you need it which makes the course work easier.And with help from these sites, you will get more research materials which will only improve your dissertation.