Enrich Yourself with Proper Knowledge of Solid Mechanics

Solid mechanics is the behavior of materials that are mostly in the solid state. In this phenomenon, students have to deal with tension, compression and shear in these members. Well, we are providing subsequent solid mechanics assignment help to every student. 24x7assignmenthelp.com offers the fundamental concepts of understanding any topic with its proper explanation. It does not matter how difficult is the subject for you. We have professionals who are experienced enough to make your homework as per your niche.

Solid mechanics:

Solid mechanics is mainly focused on the study of thedeformation ofsolid members like beam under the action forces and temperature changes. In this context, equivalent force system needs to be calculated in terms of:

  • Free-body diagram
  • Truss and Frame
  • Mohr’s circle
  • Hooke’s law

Free-body diagram:

A free-body diagram shows the magnitude and direction of all the forces acting on an object. It is really complicated to study the whole object (as it is) with all forces. Thus, each force is labeled with an arrow to indicate its presence in a free-body diagram. To construct these diagrams, it is essential to know the various types of forces.

Truss and frame:

Truss is a structure that is designed to bear huge loads and is connected through pin joints. The members are free to rotate about these pins and consist of two member force system,i.e., tensile and compression.

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The frame is a structure, but this is made to bear multi-force member system. All the members of the frame are connected rigidly at joints.

Mohr’s circle:

Mohr’s circle finds its application in determining stress components acting on coordinate system of an object. It is actually the graphical representation of all these stress and strain and helps in calculating the magnitude of the components.

Hooke’s law:

Hooke’s law is a statement that deals how to determine theelasticity of a body in tension. This law states, “Stress is directly proportional to Strain.