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Sole source Justification for Purchases: The concept

An alternate name of sole source justification is no bid contract. Sole source is a term given by a company to an individual vendor who is qualified in meeting their procurement objective. This purchase can be justified only when it meets few conditions.

  • Only one company under contract can provide the service
  • No second or third part involvement
  • Service or product should meet with present service or equipment requirement

Aim of using sole source justification

Although there are multiple purposes of sole source justification for purchases which you will come to know from our sole source justification for purchases assignment help service, there’s one of importance. The main aim of this contract is to shuffle and prevent the approved bidders who did not respond to it.

Reasons for signing the contract of sole source justification

Few of the primary reasons to sigh such type of contracts are:

  • This is an international agreement
  • Public Interest
  • This kind of contract has an authorized by law
  • Guarantee of national security
  • Gives reliability to industrial mobilization
  • Improvised handling of unusual situations without the barrier of time and place
  • There is an assurance of professionalism in services provision
  • Urgency is met as per the demand of contract

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  • Criteria for sole source justification
  • Purchases from state funded sources
  • Policy statement
  • Special situations for its use
  • Procedures, and much more

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