So Much Pressure! Can Anybody Help Me on My Homework?

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Education can be considered as the bed rock of personal development. A child’s growth is directly proportional to the quality of education that he or she is provided with. But in today’s fast paced competitive world, this process of knowledge acquisition is being turned into a burdensome exercise. Young minds are given the tasks of completing assignments and homework under strict time constraints. This often leads to an increase in unwanted anxiety, reduced relaxation time, coupled with greater risk of health hazards. In fact, nowadays children are often heard asking the question, “Can you help me on my homework?

The reason behind this question is the immense amount of work that the kids are assigned to do on a regular basis. Along with the students their parents are also indirectly or directly exposed to the pressure. This has resulted in the rise of various online homework websites, who provide the students with assistance regarding their educational problems. Online study guides have been widely accepted a mongst the student fraternity as it helps them in mitigating their assignment burden.

What is online homework help?

Online study helps are basically websites that have been set up online, with the sole purpose of providing correct guidance to students regarding their various homework and project assignments. In other words, we can say that it is a kind of virtual tutor who assists students through their complicated school works.

The demand for online study help can be attributed to the rigid structure of traditional education system. When asked, students are heard quoting the following disadvantages of traditional education system:-

  • School timings are very inflexible and do not help me on my homework.
  • For them, the added workload is often tough and energy consuming.
  • Between school and homework students don’t have enough time to play or go outside.
  • Increased homework makes a student get bored with the subject very easily

So, hearing the above confessions, one can grossly get an idea of the extent of strain that students today have to endure. Classrooms are generally associated with growth but here it is being seen as a place of stress. Every student knows that a little bit of stress is good for his overall growth. But increase in stress level beyond a certain point actually becomes an impediment to the entire growth process.

How does online assistance help me on my homework?

Conventional classroom structure eats away at a large portion of the day of a child. Adding a substantial load of homework to this already tight schedule, creates unnecessary urgency that adversely affects the growth system. To present an opinion, online homework assistants are especially needed in the current scenario because of the following:-

  • It eliminates the time crunch by providing students with efficient strategies of finishing their tasks
  • Real time assistance online, from experts facilitate a more holistic approach to doing homework
  • For a student, using the study options online would mean that his parents would no longer have to help him on his homework
  • Preparing homework online, gives the students time to pursue their hobbies and increases the overall free time.
  • Study sessions that are online can be planned according to the student’s convenience. So there is greater fluidity in managing time.
  • Another key advantage of this new way of negotiating homework is that it makes the entire process more interesting. This increased interest leads to greater retention of important information.

It can be said that even though online education assistance is relatively new, it has a lot of positives that is helping it to grow in popularity. Conventional education system on the other hand, has been here since the Industrial Revolution. Back then, the system was implemented to create a large number of skilled workers who would go on to work in a factory.

Today however, only a fraction of the workforce is employed in factories. Hence, the modern education structure is outdated and needs to be upgraded to meet the current scenario. So, we can say that online study helps can be seen as small steps towards that transition.

So, we can say that questions like “who will help me on my homework?