Sky Shops: An Exciting New Age Marketing Strategy

Sky Shops are direct selling of products from Business to Consumers through television as their medium. You see the advertisement on the television, and for ordering, you have to call the displayed number. With few formalities, you are the proud owner of the product.

Steps for Sky Shopping:

  • See the advertisement.
  • Choose your product.
  • Call the number displayed. But you have to place the call till the advertisement is played by the channel.
  • Place order.
  • Complete the payment through online transactions.
  • Wait for Delivery.

The nature of marketing intensifies with competition. Different industries choose different distribution methods for counter competitive attacks. There are three types of distribution:

  • Intensive Distribution:

Many outlets for the products or the services. Generally, these products don’t require after-sale service.

  • Selective Distribution:

Normally, one category of product and distributors, use selected outlets, few numbers of producers.

  • Exclusive Distribution:

Exclusive availability of products of its own brand. Limited interdependencies, where one business does not have to depend on another firm for transportation and delivery.

Sky Shopping is very popular among youngsters and homemakers. It is fun and entertaining for them and a healthy pastime. Most people placing orders through Sky shops are ranging from teens to middle aged.

Dynamics of Marketing Channels:

  • Vertical Marketing Systems: The producer, wholesaler and retailer works together to meet consumer needs.
  • Multichannel marketing systems: Single firm uses two or more marketing channels. The pros are increased coverage, low cost.

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Channel conflict:

These are very common issues, despite good leadership, there will be conflicts from unclear roles, conflicting goals.

  • Vertical channel conflicts: Same channel but different layers.
  • Horizontal channel conflict: Same channel and same level.
  • Multichannel level conflict: When the intermediary has a conflict with a producer.

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Managing the Conflicts:

  • Frequent Communications: Possibilities of conflict can be avoided by frequent communication between producers and channel members.
  • Exchange of people: Replacing people from different levels can avoid conflicts.
  • Co-option: Including advisory councils and directors.
  • Adopt an ordinate goal: Channel members should come to an agreement on the fundamentals of the goal.

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