Should Teachers Give Homework over Break? – Find out More

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Homework is something which most students would rather avoid. The worst time that they can be assigned such work would be during a break. As the time for breaks approaches, it is every student’s fear that their professors will end up giving holiday tasks which will dampen their spirits. What is interesting to note is that there is a duality among the topic of should teachers give homework over break because while most are against it, a considerable amount, stress on its importance and utility.

Problems of homework over break

Teachers always have a positive idea in mind while deciding to give such assignments during the vacations. There are many reasons why homework is bad for students,and it can cause several problems to children and their family:

  • It takes away entire concept of the break. Students study and perform all year round, and these gaps are for rejuvenation and not to exert one.
  • Students never get a chance to recuperate and re-energize them this can cause many of them to become repulsive towards studies.
  • Overburdening a student can never have any positive result, and there can be several grave psychological harms caused to children starting from anxiety, lack of self-control and others.
  • A pupil when forced to do homework never gets a chance to enjoy themselves. Work and play are both important. One cannot be over done while play is completely ignored and sidelined.
  • As a pupil, most of the days teachers do ask students to complete assignments ,whether it is to be submitted on the next day or to be done over weekends. Hence this time of the year should be stress-free.

Thus this side of argument which is mostly in favor of allowing students some amount of refreshment has strong support. There are a number of online professional websites for you to get ideas from in case you need them.

Importance of homework in breaks

Even though should teachers give homework over break is a valid question a complete analysis will show the immense importance of this activity when a long gap is there from school. Reasons, why some amount of study is needed, are as follows:

  • Stay busy

If the break is too long after a point, students will need to engage in some educational tasks to keep themselves busy. This might seem like a farfetched idea, but research and student recollections have shown that after a time children run out of activities, and this homework can work as a kind of departure from the mundane life.

  • Enhance skills

This is a way in which skills which are already present within an individual can be enhanced. The time is just right to take your time and learn in a way that can help the person develop your skills and strengthen the abilities they possess. But how will doing homework help you improve your inborn ability? Practice makes one perfect and the more time you devote in these gaps, the less stress you will feel when classes resume.

  • Allow thorough learning

When there are no time restraints, and you are not under pressure, the student can divulge in a lot of thorough learning. When you study in an in-depth manner, then that learning is more authentic and lasts in memory for much longer. You can update your notes and make them a bit different than the others of your class giving an edge in future examinations.

  • Increase creativity

If as a student you are contemplating the question should teachers give homework over break? Then it will interest you to know at a time when you do not have the pressures of normal school work or the fatigue of a school day it leads to a heightened level of creativity and the child is able to hone these abilities to their advantage.

  • Learn new skills

Like most people, even young pupils are destined to learn and absorb knowledge the best when the environment is stress-free. Is there a chapter which you have been avoiding? Do you face problems with any particular discipline? The simplest way to learn such new ideas and concepts is in the comfort of a vacation.

Weighing the options

Hence after the weighing, the options on the question should teachers give homework over break the answer simply is based on the teacher and what they feel is best for their students. While some ardently stress on giving assignments and projects to the children others either opt for light project based tasks or do not assign any work at all.

The final decision-making power hence lies with the teacher and the call they make. Either way, it should be realized that even though the pupil faces a temporary inconvenience, in the long run, it can only benefit the child and make them ready for future tasks to be done.