Should Kids Have Homework for Their Academicals Benefits?

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Homework is a controversial topic since along period. A lot of questions lot of arguments and debates are involved in it. It is helpful but can cause a lot of harms. How much homework should be perfect for the students and so on?

It is a never ending issue, yet the topic has been raised again and again. There’s always questions like, should kids have homework or not? Homework can be an effective way of education for kids or not?

Homework has some advantage and disadvantages too. The important points are listed below:

  1. Home assignments help student to revise their lesson which they have learned in their class. It is really required for-
  • Understanding the lesson perfectly
  • For enhancing their memorising power
  • Help to keep track with the previous lesson

But remember that excessive assignments after a long hour school can be the cause of

  • Frustration and exhaustion for those little learners
  • Their life seems to be stressful and burdensome at this early age. So we all must think that should kids have homework or not.

 Homework helps to build a clear concept in desired subject topic hence,

  • Helps to explore their knowledge of the subject
  • Enhances their problem-solving skills and application power.

But class teachers must be aware of that; too much home assignment can distract students from the learning

  • Too much assignment can reduce their leisure time
  • So children do not get enough time to play and fun
  • Children become bored only with doing homeworks
  • As a result, they lose interest inlearning and it has a very bad impact on this early learning.

We all must know that as per research it is proved that homework is not much beneficial for elementary students and it is the right time to think should kids have homework or not.

  1. Home assignments can help to take a good preparation for the exams and test of the children such as-
  • Revision of the lesson helps student to understand the subject perfectly
  • Helps to memorise the class material and lesson easily for a long time
  • So they can easily recollect their all learning easily and can give the right answers in their exams and tests

But homework has some bad impact also on the student especially on the younger ones

  • Often, due to home assignments students forget to take their food in right time it is really very harmful especially for kids.
  • They do not get much time for playing or any other extracurricular activities so there is no physical exercise and this affect their health.
  • They cannot take enough rest even cannot sleep properly this affects their brain too.

So due to unlimited assignments children’s physical, mental and neurological development can suffer.

  1. Homework helps to develop different qualities among the children these qualities help them to be a perfect human being such as


  • Due to home assignments, a regular learning habit is developed amongst the kids which are required whole student lime.
  • They learn the time management while doing their homework and it is the key factor in all success.
  • It enhances the other important skills such as writing skills, problem-solving skills creativity perfection,

But too much homework is really stressful for the children and to get rid of that often children adopt some bad thing too –

  • To finish their job quickly often a tendency of cheating is developed among the students.
  • To avoid homework often students give lame excuses to their teacher, simple they lie.

Teachers and parents must be very careful about this and the amount of homework should be less so that students do not need to adopt any wrong way. So please think, should kids have homework or not?

  1. Children often required help for doing their homework,so their parents need to involve themselves in their homework and –
  • It helps to make the parents closer to their kids and enhance their affection. Towards each other.
  • Thus parents come to know that what their children do in their class

But sometimes homework may be the vital reason of family conflict for example

  • All the parents do not find sufficient time to spend with their kids as they are too much busy in their profession. So they are unable to help their kids to bring excellent academics hence they become frustrated due to this stress.
  • All the parents are not qualified enough to teach their kids this is also another factor of family conflict.

So the amount of homework for children should be less enough so that their parents do not have to involve them much.

Hence, a little homework can help to develop some good habits so it may be allowed. But teachers should assign their homework wisely and parents should carefully handle the same, or else children have to suffer a lot and at last small students can learn how to not have homework.