Several Excuses for Not Having Homework Done

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Homework is a very common term to all students. It is an integral part of this career-oriented education system. But studying in home, after a long period in school-learning different subject, sometime is really stressful for most of the students.

They never enjoy studying for a long stretch. Moreover, most of the students are not really aware of the benefits of doing homework. So they try to avoid their homework and give different innovative excuses for this.

It is no awful doubt that an avoiding tendency is developing amongst students for their homework and it should be stopped immediately for the betterment of our young generation. So to draw the attention of every person, who is usually attached to this education system, towards this problem?

Here, we are going to discuss the several excuses for not having homework done which are usualy given by the students:

  • Often students blame their sibling or pet; they excuse that

  • Their pet dog or cat spoiled the homework sheet or carried away the sheet, so they did not find the paper at the time of submission

  • Sometimesstudents took their siblings as an option and said that their younger sister or brother unintentionally make some paper craft with the homework paper for that reason they are unable to submit the project.

  • Failure of an electronics gadget can be a good option for the students in this digital age. The computer is an inevitable part of education today. It is the latest way of doing homework quickly. So they often use these digital problems as excuses for not having homework done. They said –

  • The hard disk of the computer had crashed and due to that reason, students could not get their homework on time.

  • At the last moment, students came to know that the printer was not working, so they did not take the print out.

  • It is very common excuse that students were unable to understand the topic hence could not complete the home assignment. As the reason, it is said –

  • Maybe students were absent that day when the topic was discussed, so they are unable to understand the topic, so they asked for a second-time explanation and extension of the deadline.

  • That topic was too hard to understand so students could not do their home assignment alone. They are looking for a professional’s help as they will get the help, they will submit the project immediately. Thus an extension of the dea dline may be grunted for them.
  • Excuses of excess homework, are frequently given by the students

  • Students claim that they got a lot of homework from another subject teacher too so they could not get enough time to do specifically this homework and asked to be excused.

  • Students said that they were too busy with their extracurricular activities so could not find time to complete the homework. As the extra-curriculum is as important as homework for an overall growth of a student, so naturally, they are excused.

  • Volunteering job is always appreciating to all, so students often claimed that they were engaged in some volunteering jobs so were unable to manage their time to do that project. But with this excuse they can manage their deadline extension quite easily.

  • Family problems can be very good excuses for not having homework done. So often students take this option and say –

  • By compulsion students were engaged with an important family job for the whole day so was unable to do this project.

  • While studying alone in the house, some guests had come to visit them. As nobody was there that point of time, so they had to attend their guests for the whole Hence, could not finish that assignment

  • Health problem plays a significant role in this situation as it is an excusable issue. So often students say that –

  • Students were not physically fit, may be suffering from headache, an eye infection or flue,

  • A serious health problem of anyone in their family or any close relative can be an important factor to support their inability of doing home assignment

  • The students have many such excuses for not having homework done. A lot of innovative ideas are evolving in their mind as per the situation for making a bold excuse. The other excuses are –

  • Students do not know anything about that homework as they were absent that day when that was given.

  • Students have kept that homework sheet in their bag but did not find it after returning the home; maybe it was lost in the class.

These are few common excuses for not having homework done made by all students. Parents and teacher both need to step forward to reduce this situation completely. I will advice all the teachers to assign homework wisely.

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