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What is Ruby?

Ruby is an interpreted, open source and object-oriented programming language that was created originally by Yukihiro Matsumoto. It has been designed to be a complete, simple, portable and extensible programming language. It was mostly developed on Linux, but it works across most platforms, like Windows, DOS, Macintosh, OS/2, BeOS and also other UNIX based OS.

Ruby is often considered to be similar to Perl and Smalltalk. Just like Smalltalk, Ruby is also completely object oriented, yet it is more conventional. It offers the same level of convenience as Perl, but complete object orientation results in better structure and easier maintenance of programs. When you take Ruby assignment help from us, you will learn about the features and benefits it offers over the other languages.

Getting started with

Originally, Ruby was designed to make programming more fun. It originated in Japan, where it was used for making games. Ruby code is concise and easy to understand, which makes it easy to learn, even for those beginning with coding. The fact that Ruby is beginner friendly is what makes it such a great programming language


Ruby is a dynamically typed language, which means that it doesn’t have strict rules for building features. It is also quite close to the spoken languages. Therefore, by allowing you to solve problems through different methods, Ruby offers a lot of flexibility. It is even great when it comes to dealing with programming errors. You can compile and run your program until a problematic area is reached. Of course, you can seek our Ruby homework help to deal with the programming errors.

Maintenance and speed

The fact that Ruby is a dynamically typed language can be a bit disadvantageous when it comes to the context of maintenance. As an app developed by Ruby grows more complex and larger, maintaining it can get harder. This is because tracking down errors and fixing them gets difficult.

Even the extreme flexibility of Ruby makes it slow. This is because too much referencing has to be done by the machine. This is why it is a resource hungry and also performs slowly. Despite disadvantages like these, Ruby is still a widely used programming language, particularly when it comes to object oriented programming language.

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