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Rivets are the mechanical devices to join or affix two or more objects together permanently. On the installation of rivets, it is bucked from the other end so that it remains there along with holding the objects in place. gives you complete information about all basics of riveted joints. Our experts provide riveted joints assignment help to make your homework done on time.This not only supports students but it will also make you ready to acquire good grades.


A rivet is a smooth cylindrical shaft. It has a head on one end, and the other end is free, termed as tail. When we have to join to parts then, another end is pounded. This is resulting in the formation of anew head at thetail end.

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Now, this new rivet heads will be called as:

  • Original head becomes factory head
  • Tail end becomes buck-tail or shop head

Types of riveted joints:

Riveted joints are the common phenomenon of joining two structures. It is classified into two:

  1. Lap joint:

In lap joints, the two members are placed slightly overlap each other. This positions the formation of thelap, and coincident holes are then drilled to do lap joint.

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  1. Butt joint:

In butt joints, the two members are positioned edge to edge in one single line. To offer joint, a third plate is used to clamp and then drill holes on it to do riveted joints.

It depends on the purpose of utilization, single or double plates (one at each side) can be used.

Riveted joints are also classified into:

  • Single riveted joints:

In this type of joints, the rivets are used in a single row to join two members.

  • Double riveted joints:

In thistype of joints, the rivets are used in two rows to give it more strength along its entire area of joining. offers the enormous benefit of acquiring considerable grades in exams. Our riveted joints homework help will make you better in dealing with all these types of problems in exams.

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