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What can you understand by relevant theory?

Relevant theory gives the explanation of the correlation between constant and variables and both being interdependent on each other. This dependency explains their logical existence.With our relevant theory homework help service, we make sure that not only you understand about the topic but also about its application in real life too.

Are there any models associated with it?

Yes, there are few models associated with it. Those models are considered extremely important components of relevant theory.

If yes, what are those?

There are mainly 3 models in relevant theory. We have provided a brief idea regarding those 3 models.

  • Gordon’s model

This model maintains the fact that dividend policy affects the value of a company. It is based on various assumptions.

  • Walter’s model

According to this model, there is always a near effect to a company’s value regarding the option of dividend payout ratio. It too is backed up by various assumptions.

  • Bird in hand argument

This model is also created by Gordon who amended this model to be considered for uncertainty and risk. In here Gordon has based his argument on 2 assumptions.

  • Investors are reluctant to take risks.
  • They put additional charges on discount uncertain and returns certain return.

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