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What is the exact meaning of Trade block?

Trade block is an agreement of the government. It is often called the intergovernmental agreement where all the regional barriers get eliminated. These barriers are often called non tariff or tariff barriers.

The term regional organization or the regional grouping can be a part of trade block where the trade can be an agreement of the several states or for a stand alone region.

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What are the different lists of trade blocs?

The different trade blocs are-

  • Preferential Trade areas
  • Free trade areas
  • Economic Unions
  • Common markets
  • Monetary unions
  • Customs unions
  • Customs and monetary unions
  • Economic and Monetary Unions

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What are the various advantages?

The various advantages are as follows-

  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Economies Of Scale
  • Competition
  • Trade Effects
  • Market Efficiency

Trading and its impact in the various regions can be there, however there are certain rules and regulations on a local or the regional agreements. It means unless or until agreements are passed a company does not have the authority to work for it. So, there are some limitations and a company or trade must follow it.

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