Reasons Why Preparing for Exams Is So Hard for Students

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Of late just encountered few social networking posts where students are planning to seek and devour the person who discovered this system of examination. Such reactions from the students show how frustrated they are to the entire system of examination. There exist certain cases where the students are so acutely affected by this system that they end up in a maze of phobia for it. Upon serious research and investigation, it is discovered that one of the reasons for teenage suicide is fear of examination.  Let’s divulge into causes of such terror around the system.

The overhype created by the parents

Parents take upon themselves success and failure of their wards. They get themselves attached to the grades of their child to this extend that they put pressure on the kid. It is often said diamond is a chunk of coal made good under pressure. And guardians of students take the essence of the saying literally, to such an extent that they end up putting the child a situation similar to concentration camps. The outcome of which is students developing hatred towards not just examination, but entire system of education. In certain noted cases the students move into depression too.

The exam-oriented approach

Right from their primary standards, students are pushed into a system which is exam oriented. They are taught keeping in mind a specified syllabus. Both teachers and students have a lot of hesitation to get out of the boundaries that are drawn by the scope of a particular curriculum.

In pursuit of doing fairly well in examination, the vitality of the subject under study or the importance of the lessons is lessened. You must go past ‘Know how to ensure your English assignment to be an enriching experience,’ which focuses more on the prominence of getting to know the subject in depth rather than secure high marks for it. One must love subject and strive for excellence in it rather than shift their goal into top grades.

 The disturbing peer pressure

The ever increasing competition in schools and colleges is actually a devil in the disguise of a virtue.  With such humongous stress, students tend to ignore the best part of student life and confine themselves into a shell. And why to blame them, they are more frequently taught that life is a race, and in case if one does not exceed their speed, then one could be left behind. Such false notions provoke the children to study more and put away other things. They forget the fact that all play and no work makes jack a dull boy.

The race for little meager rewards

To boast the diligence of children and give a little reward of appreciation to students, school and college administrators’ gives awards, rewards and special credits to students based on the grades obtained. The intention of such a provision is righteous and targets to uplift the aptitude of students. But the arrangement has tendency to lean towards corruption. Thus, such facilities instead of instilling virtue in the students, they cultivate greed, fear and does harm the personality of the child. Ultimately, it affects both his/ her childhood and the rest of his/her life gets captured in this devastating trauma.

The societal involvements

Man is essentially a social being. Whatever a person does, the entire world shall have something else or other to talk of. The case is not different for upbringing of a child too.  Whatever one does, someone else in society shall have a say on that. Similarly, there would pop up many advisors to provide a child with lots of recommendations, regarding their education. Such people worsens  game, does more harm than wanted. It is often safe to turn deaf ears to such people. One knows oneself the most, and that is all one need to know.

The memory game

The grading system has empowered quality education to this extent that students are taught to blindly memorize their lessons. Even the teacher aims to finish syllabus within the specified time, and nobody bothers about the fact whether students were able to assimilate these concepts or not. Students do not prepare to become good professionals either do they nurture any love for their course. In case if they have any love, it is for grades, and what they aim at is to secure top grades. In the quest sadly the subject and its vibe are lost.

The fear of failure

Failures are pillars of success. Our very own Abraham Lincoln is an example of the same. But this fact is too hard to digest for students these days. The loss of a grade in some exam or  failing in one for them is end of world. Such students must realize that Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg were all college drop outs. Also the world has produced people like Rabindranath Tagore who has no formal academic qualification for that matter. Grades are mere number, what one should emphasis is upon building of knowledge. Going thoroughly through the article entitled ‘Know how to ensure your English assignment to be an enriching experience’ shall impart to you a slice of the real quality education.

To get out of this ever trapped mess, students can pick some simple tips and tricks, which are enlisted in a nutshell below:

  • Early bird:

It is apt to start revising your lessons as early as feasible. If you pile up the work, it shall soon turn into a nightmare.

  • Take baby steps:

Nobody wants you to become Albert Einstein overnight. Pick up one particular topic at one instant of time, go through that thoroughly and then go for subsequent one, and continue. It’s through each drop that the ocean is filled.

  • Sort and schedule sit calmly and figure out your own convenient time. Once done with that come up with a feasible time table, allotting time to every bit of tasks that you are entitled to.
  • Understand , do not merely mug up:

It is a fact that one needs to register in memory some of the important facts and figures, but it is also vital to know get deeper into the core of the subject  or topics. So, when it comes to preparation for examination, understand the descriptions really well, but memorize headings and sub headings.

  • Practice makes a man perfect:

Collect previous years question papers and try to solve it by yourself within specified time. The more one practices, the more shall one get rid of the fear for exams.  Moreover, the internet is a huge hub of resources; one can just grab anything and almost everything in it. So, make most of it.

  • Break is a must:

You must strive to strike a balance between work and leisure. Breaks between works are essential. They help you rejuvenate and come up with more energy. And, it must be quote to memory that sleep is an unavoidable necessity. It is the best healer for both mind and body.

Above all, it is very necessary to show up a confident persona. This needs to be developed over a period of time. To begin with, it is duty of parents to cultivate a positive outlook of their wards. Again, it is necessary to breed healthy habits that include good food and regular exercise.