Proper Time Management Plays a Crucial Role in Students’ Life! Learn Why and How

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‘‘Time and tide wait for none.’’

I am sure that by now you must have heard this proverb. But proverbs are not simply meant for knowledge, right? Students need to value their time. Unless and until students value their time, they will not be able to handle the tide when it comes and shakes their ways!

Before ‘‘you wake up and find that there is not enough time left to do the things you have always wanted to’’, it is better to make effective use of time from now onwards. No matter how rich you are, time is the best wealth you can ever have.

Now before someone claims that the reason why he or she doesn’t have enough time is due to their hectic life, let me tell you that ‘‘it is always about priorities.’’ Once you feel that a thing is important, you will be able to have time for it, no matter what. ‘‘Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters.’’

‘‘Time is the resource with the least availability, and unless and until we manage it effectively, nothing else can be managed.’’

Thus, even if you waste a single hour, consider that you have wasted a major part of your life. There is no definite time from when you can start taking time seriously. You simply need to start doing them from now.

Have you ever thought what stops you from managing your time effectively? Give it a thought now. Well, when my dad had asked me this question during my childhood, I remember answering him as watching movies all the time. While some of you may answer as being online throughout the day, some waste their time playing games the entire evening and then crying about the lack of time for doing the homework later.

If you are a student reading this, you may be thinking that I am one of those ‘experts’ who keeps on giving lectures about time. Well, let me tell you that I am not any of those experts. In fact, students will be glad to know that I am also a student just like you. However, it is true that I will be discussing the importance of time and why is it important to manage it with the procedure to have proper time-management.

Why do students need to have proper time-management?

Be it is personal life or the professional life ahead, students need to have proper time-management so that theyare able to complete all their activities daily. The reasons on why it is important to manage time are as follows-

  1. It is a unique resource which cannot be saved for later use. You should know how to make the most of it now. Once wasted, it cannot be found
  2. Have your list of priorities and work accordingly so that you can have the necessary time-management.
  3. There are 24 hours in a day for everyone. So you need to plan your activities accordingly.
  4. Keep yourself away from distractions like Television, Mobile phones, chatting over the phone. Instead, put emphasis on your homework which is important in shaping a good future.
  5. Make wise use of your time so that you can manage time both for your needs as well as your desires. For example, managing time both for your studies and entertainment activities.

How can you have proper time-management?

  1. Organizing your time

Once you plan on doing things in a different way, your life gets improved. You need to organize things in a way that you control your time so that it cannot control you. You need to take the ownership of the time you have.

You should plan and organize in a way that you are able to see what you need to do in the near future ahead. Being the owner of the time allotted to you, you have to decide how you want to make use of it. You can decide which activity to be prioritized and how much to be prioritized.

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  1. Examine your time

Ask someone to keep track of you for an entire week. If you want to see the results for yourself, you can keep that track yourself too. From waking up early in the morning to getting prepared for school, until the time you go to bed in the night, each and every single aspect should be considered.

Now once you have the results with you, assess the total number of hours. Evaluate the number of hours you have spent for activities like sleeping, reading novels, chatting, playing, studying, watching television, eating, traveling, shopping etc.

Now you need to check the number of hours spent for studying and its related activities along with the hours spent for other activities. If you find that you have spent more amount of time on extra-curricular activities as compared to your study time, then you need first to have a balance between the two.

  1. Make a list of priorities

It is true that you will have various things to do throughout the day. However, not all activities will have equal importance in your life. Thus, you need to set priorities based on your importance. You may first be confused on how to understand the importance of work. Take a sheet of paper and then make a to-do list based on your priorities. Being a student, studying should be your utmost priority.

You need to use your time wisely so that you can manage your time effectively. For example, if you have a class test tomorrow, give it more importance as compared to an assignment which has a next week submission.

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  1. Prepare a schedule

In order to respect the priorities; you need to form a schedule so that you can have a clear picture of what you need to do. Get hold of any weekly planner, organizer, tools and then prepare a schedule by-

  • Note down your fixed activities like- going to school, attending tutorials, extra classes, etc. You cannot change them as these are beyond your means.
  • Now add the study time which you need to have every day after returning from school. This will include your fixed time for homework solving as well as the time you need for self-study. Think of the time period when your concentration level is at its peak. This will help you to have a better study.
  • You need to allot time for some recreational activities like playing, reading books, watching TV. etc.
  1. Have a visual reminder

It is quite natural that you will tend to forget various important activities. The best way to do is to have a calendar pasted near your study desk. Mark all the necessary exam dates, project submission deadlines, class tests, etc. This will help you to make any last minute changes to your schedule. It will even act as a visual reminder for managing your time effectively.

Thus, no matter how good a student you are, you need to know the importance of time-management in your life. For this, you can follow the steps above and have a planned and peaceful homework life.