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Why Promissory note is important in accounting?

Promissory note is a document in which one party promises to pay an actual sum to the payee. This is in a written form so it is known as Promissory note. In addition, the date is either on a fixed time or date or on the basis of the request of the payee. In international based trading this has a great value.  Some regional variations take place as bank notes or mortgage notes are also a type of Promissory note as these are written documents and are legal.

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Information related to Promissory note

Promissory note is done by the company to the party in which different terms like date, amount to pay, where to pay or the place, signature, interest rate and other important notes are provided. It means it is done by the payee and after the complete payment it should be canceled and return to the payee. If it is saleable or unconditional, then it is known as negotiable instrument. A lot of other terms are important as IOU, foreclosure, Mortgage note and various other related terms are there.

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International Law for Promissory Note 

International law is important for the different countries as trading are done internationally. However, if any country desire to modify, then it can do. For example – British and the USA follow own law. According to the international Law –

  • Amount must be specified
  • Payee or the particular company must mention the place
  • Time for the payment
  • Where the note is issued must be motioned
  • The name must be mentioned where payment is to be made
  • Signature must be there as it is a legal note.

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