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What is Product Elimination? – Here we put it very simply!

Product elimination means the process of withdrawing a specific item from the immediate market where it had been put up for sale. This can be done due to different reasons, such as:

  • Failure of the product to get the minimum profit
  • Some types of technological issues
  • Association of the product to some ill effects

Product elimination involves various stages:

  • Identification –

This is the first stage, and it involves identifying the product that is to be eliminated. Locating a product to be eliminated from many others is a boring task.

  • Decision-making –

It can be tough to take the final decision regarding the elimination of any product. Significant effort and time is involved for actually launching a product. Naturally, the process of elimination is a tough one.

  • Method of implementation –

It mainly depends on the position that a product enjoys in the market. In case it is proven very harmful, it has to be eliminated fast and instantly. In other cases, less serious processes can be chosen, such as eliminating it slowly from the market.

  • Final evaluation –

A final evaluation is necessary before finally eliminating a product, to check whether there are any other possibilities or not. In case the product fails to pass after undergoing the evaluation, it has to be eliminated.

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