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What is power quality?

Power quality is the thing which decides whether a certain power is appropriate for a certain electrical appliance or not. It is the proper synchronization between phase and voltage which enables electrical appliances to function in the desired manner without causing ay loss of power or without causing accidents. Without proper power quality the devices may malfunction or might not function at all. Electrical power can be or bad quality in a number of ways and at the same time, there can be various reasons for the power being of low quality.

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Factors affecting power quality:

The following power quality assignment help should give students a clearer idea on the topic. The electrical industry is concerned with the supply of the electricity to the end consumer and the process comprises of a number of intermediary stages including:

  • Generation of electricity.
  • Transmission of electrical power.
  • Distribution of electrical power to an electrical meter situated on the property of the consumer.

The electricity of course movies through wires before reaching the load and the challenge lies in maintaining the quality of the power throughout this transmission process. The variations in generations, weather conditions, need or demand as well as other physical factors contribute to alter the power quality. When people speak of power quality, they are rather referring to the quality of voltage and not to the quality of electric current.

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