Plug in to Your Headphones and Play Music That Helps You Focus on Homework

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Music is a form of art which helps to alter your mood. Music is believed to soothe the mind and thus can have a positive effect on the process of learning. If you are struggling with your homework, you can take the help of music that helps you focus on your homework. There is no confirmation on the effect of music on studies but being a student, you believe that the only tool which will soothe you is music that helps you focus on homework.

The question is why students play music while studying. Let us try to understand that by taking the following points in consideration:

  • Common trend amongst students:

Students these days find it hard to keep on studying at a stretch. They want a simultaneous task going on in addition to studying, to keep their enthusiasm towards studies intact. Through texting is popular these days along with studying, but playing music in the background while studying continues to be the common trend amongst most students.

  • To do away with distraction:

If there is an unwanted background noise like the repair of a machine or hammer noise, students plug in their earphones and continue with their homework. This prevents the unwanted noise from entering their ears and the music keep them relaxed while studying.

  • Music soothes and keep away anxiety and stress:

If a student is going through stress due to his personal problems or his parents are quarrelling and it is causing him anxiety but he needs to submit the assignment the next day, he will not be in a position to do so. His mind will get wandered and he will not be able to focus on his work. In such a situation, music comes to the aid. He can play soft music in the background which will take his attention away from the present problems and he will be able to focus in his studies.

  • Different effect on different persons:

The effect of music can vary from person to person and according to a person’s taste in music. A research has found that quiet background music helps some students whereas loud music is considered as a distraction.

  • The Mozart effect:

A study has shown that when a student listens to Mozart for 10 minutes and takes a test, he is able to score above 80 percent. This effect of Mozart on the performance of the student is called the Mozart effect. Similarly, another study was conducted where music of a particular era was played at a tempo of sixty beats per minute and students were given a lesson on foreign language of that era. The students performed superbly. The course was completed after 30 days. When the retention rate was checked, it was around 92 percent per student. Surprisingly, they could remember the language even after five years without any revision.

Playing music in the background can help you with your homework but it will depend on the kind of music you are listening to. Choose accordingly. You should go for that music that helps you focus on homework.

  • Music helps in staying focused:

Music helps in staying focused as it acts as a meditation. The main reason we are not able to concentrate on anything is because there are a lot of thing going on in our subconscious mind. Listening to music helps us in keeping our minds focused.

  • Music with lyrics:

When you play a song in the background which has lyrics, it activates that part of the brain which processes language and if you are studying a humanities subject, it will pose a challenge for your brain. The safest option is to stick with music which has no lyrics. This kind of music is beneficial for studying.

  • Instrumental music:

Instrumental and classical music has a positive effect on your studies. It soothes the brain and helps us to focus.

  • Context dependent learning:

It has been found that when people learn a thing with music going on in the background, it helps them to remember it better as compared to learning the thing without the background music. So, music helps in building context dependent learning.

  • Music increases the smartest quotient:

Music increases the smartest quotient as it helps us in making our mind more focused so we are able to take rational decisions. The brain productivity also increases and we take less time to finish a work.

  • Music heals the body and improves the brain function:

Our lives are full of stress. Music acts as a medicine and heals the entire body as well as the mind. One soothing song can make you feel good and relaxed. It can rejuvenate your senses and heal you from your stress. Music heals the stressed body and calms the tired mind and ultimately improves the brain function.

Students are often found listening to music according to their preferences. There is a chance that a student always listen to the songs of his favorite singer or band all the time- even during the time when he studies. So, we need to know whether playing your favorite song is actually helping you or is it making matters worse by distraction?

According to science, there is a section of the brain which processes music and gives better result when it comes to concentration. So, it can be said that not only aesthetically but also biologically, music is a part of human life.

Students find it hard not to listen to music while completing their homework. So, it is always a better option to listen to music that helps you focus on homework. As mentioned earlier, there are many benefits of listening to music and when students need to focus on a work at hand, music can be a good thing to increase their concentration.