Planning on Studying Online? What Factors to Be Checked?

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With the invention of the computer and laptop, a new gateway is opened for students also. Www is a major landmark invention in the life of every person. Students got accessibility of vast knowledge very easily, professionals can solve their doubts and plan their strategies very easily, homemakers can pass their time by playing games or start their business at home, and businessman can prosper in their life and extend his/her reach by going online. A businessman can advertise his/her product and send it to customers who are located at remote locations. Internet search engine is very user-friendly. It is very interactive in nature.

Your study is no more bound to only books. You can get many resources; thesis paper, papers prepared by lecturers and professors, etc. and e-books are written by renounced author in the internet search engine. Also, many sites are available which provide e-encyclopaedia. Many sites are devoted to providing information to the users.

You can apply for distant studies also. So this online mode of study will help you in getting selected in your favorite college and university without bearing high cost of going and living there.

But online studies have their own disadvantages which parents need to check from time to time

  1. Poor quality of study material or bad image of institution

Image and reviews about your selected institution is also very important. Parent need to do in-depth research about the institution before enrolling your child in that institution. It is a very important step in the life of your child. Ask those children who are already studying or who have completed their schooling from that specific institution.

Ask about the teachers. Give them some bonding time and ask whether they are interactive or not. After enrolling your child askshow they feel about that institution and the teachers teaching them. Whether theinstitution is providing any interactive class or not? Whether ateacher is capable of making thechild understand the concept or not? Whether the child like it or not? Check the quality of study material provided by theinstitution.

  1. Frequency of interaction

When a parent is opting for online study or distance study for their child, they should ask that specificinstitution (where they are planning to admit their child) whether they will provide only study material or classes will also be provided. If only study material is being provided and any problem arises while completing the task in the mind of achild, will they resolve it or not? Because if they do not resolve such problem, theirchild will feel less interested in studying it and will finally leave that course.

If theinteractive class is provided by the institution, what are the timings? If achildmisses one class will he/she be able to do it later or not? If his/her difficulties are resolved or not?All these questions should be thoroughly discussed before proceeding and selecting an institution.

  1. The concentration level of the child

Theses institution provides package based on the number of months; you want to enroll. You need to check the concentration power yourchild, and the time he/she usually takes to understand and know the concept of the subject. If there is any mismatch between the time schedule you have allotted for the child and child’s understanding time, there will be a disaster. The child will be unable to complete one task, and by the time another will come. This increases the lag further. The child will become disappointed and unable to perform well in his/her final exam.

  1. The maturity of your child

Online study requires great attention, thewillingness of a child, liking of a child, understanding of a child and at last disciple and determination of the child. Online study option provides great distractions. A child can easily access the internet and can start play or chat etc. parents will be unable to distinguish the difference. It is the duty of the child to remain calm and concentrate on his/her studies. It is a very important step. So based on the maturity level child should be left alone with laptop or PC otherwise, results will be adisaster.
A parent should make thechild understand why they are being provided with online study help and train them how to stop playing or chatting when you are studying. For training the child, allocate the time schedule for every task. Also, PC or laptop comes with software through which you can check on your child. What app he/she is opening on your laptop or PC, you can watch.

  1. Student help

It is avery important aspect of thestudent. Whenever they encounter any problem, this support system is vital. Parents need to check on the system before enrolling the child. Try to ask the alumni group of the institution about it. They can guide you more than other.

These are some of the important steps that you should definitely keep in consideration before you plan to study online.