Personal Narrative Topics: The Way to Capture Attention of Readers and Listeners

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The personal narrative topics are not a favourite among students as they do not have ready-made facts ready for completing these topics. You really need to dig into your memories or imagination and bring forth writing.

On the other hand, there are lots of people who are really good at this topic as they have a lot of experience in handling these things.

They have simply met too many people during their lifetimes and hence can write all about their experiences and encounters. Some really important topics for these narratives have been mentioned here.

Odd encounter with a stranger

A touch of suspense always adds to the spice in case of narratives. The element of unknown will keep people hooked to whatever you are presenting. The very presence of a stranger in your narrative’s name will bring forth a lot of fans.

Every day people are going outside and travelling. Hence they are bound to meet strangers. Hence it is not quite difficult to bring out a narrative on this particular topic.

You can, for example, start with the location where you met the stranger. You can thereby create a setting for your entire narrative to follow.

For example, if the time of the day is dusk and the location is a park dotted with benches, winding paths and lots of relaxed people. In such a scenario you may encounter a stranger sitting very next to you. Personal narrative topics that you wish to present will flow from thereon. You can start with a conversation between you and the stranger and how he claimed to possess a super power.

You may go on and say how the person went on to say a lot of things about your house and everyday activities. You were completely bewitched by his tales until he finally tells he has moved in next to your house and are your new neighbour.

An exciting performance on stage

Personal narrative topics often bring out really personal experiences of people. You can build on this point and speak of the time you performed on stage for the first time. Stage performances are usually including things like playing a musical instrument, singing or dancing. There is also another performing art, which includes acting out stories.

Thus a play forms a very good place for showing your talent on stage. The stage does not necessarily need to be competitive in nature.

The premise of your narrative can be a family reunion. On the course of this family reunion, you along with your cousins, whom you are meeting after a long time, can get together to enact this play. The play itself can be about different characters of a large but dysfunctional family.

This paly will therefore hold a mirror to the entire family that has drifted apart. You can be the narrator of this play and set the tone and mood for the experiences of the other actors. It is a really exciting feeing with all the near and dear ones watching the performances.

Day of getting your first pet

It is often aid that dogs are the best friend of any man. It is therefore really special when you are getting a pet for yourself the first time. Getting the pet is a really great experience, especially if this is the first animal you are going to spend your time with.

Your narrative will also hold a special place, as it has memories associated with your family members. This is because chances are, your father or mother was probably the person to gift you the first pet.

On course of exploring the personal narrative topics, you can say how you received the fluff ball of a Labrador one morning. It was your birthday, and your father sneaked him up right into your bed, and he woke you up from sleep. You can give detailed descriptions of how you played with your dog all day long and how it would become sad when you left for school.

The dog would literally jump all over you when you returned home from your school at the end of the day. You can choose the end your narrative either on a happy or sad note, as you wish to. The chances are that most of the readers or listeners, irrespective of your choice of ending, would be left teary-eyed when you end your narrative.

Best summer vacation of your life

If you are in high school, summer vacations are usually the best times of your life. The period is a transition of your teenage years. Hence you can make these really interesting personal narrative topics. Going away too far away places during vacation is a trend followed by lots of people. You can also narrate an experience of going off to foreign lands on your vacation. You can however add a more personal touch by stating how you went to the countrysides and visited your grandparents on the course of your summer vacation.

John Denver and his Country Roads can mark the beginning of your narrative and how you went off through the dusty roads to your country house. You can add details about all kinds of adventures you had in between eating a truckload of snacks and foods prepared by your granny.

These personal narrative topics, are fascinating especially mentioning small details of natural beauty prevalent all around. The local people and the kind of hospitality they provided can also become the crux of your narrative making it more beautiful. Simple lives and simple times would be your essay’s theme.

Various personal narrative topics, can be presented by students, what makes this narrative all the more beautiful is the inclusion of minute details in the essay. The topics for these narratives can keep everyone mesmerized without putting much effort from the side of the writer or speaker. Then narrative essays are hence a favourite for many people. You need to choose your topic a little care to keep your narrative ever interesting.