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Performance appraisals area systematic assessment to evaluate the ability, efficiency, skills and performance of an employee of a company by the management of the company.  It helps to bring an overall development in an employee’s career as well as an employer’s future.

Generally it is conducted once in a year but some time it has been done after every six months, quarterly or weekly as per the company’s policy. So every person who are holding a job or wish to be a jobholder in the future should know everything in detail about the topic. 24x7assignmenthelp.com and our Performance Appraisals homework help is the best place for them.


There are different ways to do the performance appraisals and they are mainly categorized in

  1. Traditional ways of performance appraisals

These ways are basically based on employee’s skills and personal qualities, such as:

  • Employee’s ability
  • Their personality
  • Their characteristic
  • Their individuality and creativity
  • Their relation with others
  • Their dependency on others
  • How much potential they are for the job?
  1. Modern ways of performance appraisals

On the other hand modern ways emphasis on mainly

  • Quality performance
  • Job achievement
  • Target achievement
  • The personal characteristics of the employees

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There are some definite reason and target behind conducting performance appraisals

  1. For employee’s views it is for –
  • For their identification
  • Academic recognition
  • For promotions
  • For salary hike
  • Getting a chance for special training for better growth
  1. For employer’s views it is for
  • Giving performance feedback
  • Transferring and job placement
  • Work planning  for H.R
  • Conducting training for the employees
  • To reach the company’s goal

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