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Aren’t you aware of over capitalization? Well, it defines a state where the required earning is not adequate to give good yield on the issued share capital amount. But over capitalization does not get completed just with it. We assure you to provide more than sufficient information that would help you obtain excellent marks.

What causes over capitalization?

There are certain causes of over capitalization out of which we have broadcasted few of the essentials. Those causes are:

  • Scarce supply for depreciation

Charging depreciation at fewer rates than the asset utilization can make the company generate less supply for asset replacement.

  • Unskilled management

It is due to inept management in a company which can cause the earning of the firm to be low, thereby producing the outcome as over capitalization.

  • Less utilization than the required use

There may be times when higher officials of an organization raise a huge capital with mistaken overestimation of company earnings. Due to this, the company will have more than the needed capital and the firm won’t be in the state to invest that amount.

Indicators related to over capitalization

With the help of our over capitalization assignment help, we provide you the information about the indicators of over capitalization. We have highlighted 3 indicators which are briefly described.

  • A fair return on employed capital cannot be depicted as earnings.
  • Invested funds in a company or an organization are greater than its actual asset value.
  • A portion of capital is either invested in assets or is not utilized at all.

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