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Organization Culture in Indian Organization homework help will promote quality explaining the following gestures in the same:

Rules followed by Indian organization/corporates

This assignment will help you in understanding the culture found in Indian companies and corporates.

As per the organization regulation, Indian companies follow the rules like:

  • 10 hours duty in a day
  • The formal ritual is followed between amongst the seniors and juniors in a firm
  • Employees get monitory hand at the time of their sickness
  • Employees are eligible of group medical insurance

The culture of every Indian company differs from region to region depending upon the literacy level of region.

Language barrier changes subsequently with the different regions in India

Why Different?

The culture followed in Indian firms is different from those of foreign organizations in many ways:

  • Use of several languages:

Since India is a country with many languages, the usage of the same changes from region to region. For an instance, firm based in Punjab encourage the conversation in their regional language rather than English.

  • Holidays:

Indian calendar consists of its own holiday structure because of Hindu mythological calendar. Since India is a home to many colorful and bright festivals, the holiday list of the country is different from other major parts of the world.

Student will learn about the Indian culture followed in the organization under Organization Culture in Indian Organization assignment help.

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