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What is oligopoly market?
Oligopoly, as the word goes is a market study where there is imperfect competition. There are very few firms selling a product so that there is intense competition among the competitors. Here the number of sellers ranges from two to ten. Now you must be thinking as to where be this type of market study done in real life.

Oligopoly market is the most important market structure that avails in real life scenario. Production of automobiles, electronic products, and also the consumer foods like baby food, vegetable oils, soft drinks all fall under this type of market structure.

What are the characteristics?
Oligopoly assignment help teaches you a lot of characteristics that are the core areas in this market structure. They are as follows:
Intense competition- When there are few producers of the products, in an industry, there is bound to happen a very intense competition. Each and every firm has a large share in the market.

  • Interdependence– Each and every firm is dependent on each other when there is question of any decision making. Since the numbers of firms are very few, each and every firm is always researching as to what their rivals are up to.
  • Nature of product– Generally homogeneous product or differentiated product is produced here. Product differentiation is very important here.
  • Importance of selling cost– Selling cost and advertisement under this system of market is necessary for a market producer to access his products.
  • Barrier to entry– The existence of oligopoly in the long run necessitates the existence of barriers to the entry of new firms to the industry.

Well, all these factors that are mentioned above are very much important in defining the exact consumers in oligopoly and you have to describe these in your assignments with exact market structure curves and diagrams. This can only be well understood if you take help from our oligopoly homework help.

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