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Network Marketing:

  • It is a new sales strategy.
  • A salesperson attends meetings with the buyers who are interested in buying the products.
  • A form of sales which includes buyer, seller and delivering of products without direct approach.

Three main components:

  • Prospecting: To find potential buyers.
  • Inquiring: To gather needful information about the consumers.
  • Selling: To deliver the product to the buyer.

Organisational structure:

  • Owner: Topmost level of the pyramid structure.
  • Directors.
  • Deputy Directors.
  • Managers.
  • Employees: the bottom most layer of the pyramid.

The importance of employing:

  • The prime necessity of the organisation is to employ new members.
  • Employment leads to faster growth of the organisation.
  • When a member, under another employee starts selling, the earning is contributed to a better earnings and is beneficial to their members and above.

Network Marketing vs. other forms of marketing:

  • Network marketing and direct sale: The concept of direct sales has been transformed to email selling, telephone selling, and catalogue selling.
  • Network marketing and classic sale: Salaries of the employees of the classic sale depend on commission and results. But In network marketing employees got fixed salary.
  • Network marketing and pyramid sale: The later is illegitimate and not allowed. Network marketing is permitted.

Pros of Network Marketing:

  • Leverage.
  • Increased passive Incomes.
  • Low starting costs.
  • International operation.
  • Freedom.
  • Support Training.

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  • To know the pros and to maintain the benefits of the members high.
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