Knowledge of Net Income Approach Ni Is Essential for Business Study

The businessstudyrequiresdepth knowledge and students need to understand a lot of terms to clear the concept. Net Income Approach is a prominent term in which decision of capital structure is completely related to the firm’s valuation.

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Importance of NI approach or Net income approach

It is now clear that capital structure gets affected when financial leverage changes. The automatic change takes place, as the cost of total capital changes and the value of a firm also gets changed on that basis. Clearly, the valuation gets up and down if the firm’s financial leverage affects it. This exact term financial leverage means the borrowed funds or debts.

According to the NI approach, if leverage funds or the financial leverage gets increased, the Cost of Capital decreased and similarly in case of decreasing of Financial leverage, the cost of capital increasing.

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What are the important factors related to NI or Net Income Approach Ni?

For NI, V= S+B

Here, V = Firm’s value

S = Equity’s market value

B = Debt’s market value

The assumptions on which these are based –

  • Corporate Taxes are not applicable
  • The equity’s cost is greater than the cost of debt
  • Risk Perception of an investor does not get any effect by using the debt

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How the NI gets a proper direction for a company’s value?

It is very important for a person to know that a corporation or value of Capital Structure has two important factors on which NI depends. The first one is debt and the second one is equity. It may happen that 50 % of the capital is equity and then remaining is debt. The tendency of a company must haveless debt to have great stability.

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