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Financial analysis is required for evaluate the financial activities of a business, for improvement and real assessment of a business and its fund. For doing this assessment we required different financial statement. Such as

  • Balance sheet

It is a structure of the entire financial and physical resource which can be used for company’s growth. Balance sheet consists of previous and current assets and liabilities of the business. It is mainly used to analyze company’s present financial condition.

  • Statement of income

It evaluates company’s future financial condition through its expenditure, revenue earnings profit and loss etc. of a certain period.

  • Statement of cash flow

Like income statement, it also evaluates company’s performance over a certain period of time. It deals with only the capital or cash that are generated in that specific time. What is the amount of inflow and outflow cash? It is the most effective way to evaluate company’s financial status.

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Why financial analysis is required

Doing a financial analysis is an important step for every company because of a perfect evaluation and for a better growth. We are trying to draw a clear picture to all our readers. But you can always ask for a Need and Importance of Financial Analysis assignment help to us

  • Providing right information to all share holders

Financial analysis evaluates company’s monetary condition hence, the shareholders or the owners can get a fair idea about company’s future status. It helps them to take the right decision if they will hold the company’s share or not.

  • For future planning

As it helps to understand the company’s present and future monetary status so management can take necessary steps and actions for the betterment of the company and can make the right plan for the company accordingly.

  • For creditors

It is important for creditors who are helping the business by giving credit and loans. Financial analysis helps them to understand company’s overall status so creditors can take the decision to credit or loan.

  • For investment

It also helps to take the right decision for further investment by the company and the investors.

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