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What is meant by Non-Banking financial company?

24x7assignmenthelp.com comes up with thorough knowledge on subject and make sure that we deliver the exact information to students. Non-banking financial companies or NBFCs are known to be financial organizations that can easily help you understand different types of banking services, but it is possible that they do not possess any banking license.

Such institutions are not eligible for making or taking any sort of deposits from public and this would keep the NBFCs far away from traditional bank that would include any under banking regulations. Our NBFC’s homework help will make you knowledgeable about different banking services that include:

  • Loans
  • Money market
  • Merger activities
  • Credit facilities

NBFCS can also emphasize on mobilization of savings that would occur only when savers can hold any saving in different forms of currency, life insurance policies, equity shares etc.

Restrictions issued for NBFC Company

NBFC Company has the eligibility to lend and also make certain investments with public which is similar to the functioning of any commercial banks. There are certain restrictions that are maintained by such banks:

  • Depositors for such company would not be able to take facilities of depositing any insurance scheme
  • The company should be aloof from any accepting demand deposits from different sources
  • The company is not eligible for issuing any checks

NBFC’s assignment help would make you aware of marketing securities that are actually considered for hire purchase, chit funds, leasing etc. An NBFC company can be a part of making any payment or consider settlement system.

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