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What is a financial statement?

Our team nature of financial statements assignment help explains the financial statement as a document that consist the business financial transaction records of a year. They believe in knowledge depth, and so they attempted to make the students understand about it in details. Whatever, a financial statement consists of the four basic statements namely:

  1. Income sheet
  2. Balance sheet
  3. Statement of retained earnings
  4. Sources and uses of fund statements

Nature of financial statements:

When you are learning finance, then financial statements is such an unavoidable part of the topic. The most important issue of finance includes the financial statements and its nature. The financial statement is thus prepared to record all the financial transactions. The financial statements carry records of almost a year or so. Following are some common natures of any financial statements:

  • The files in the report are arranged chronologically with the transaction records.
  • These recordsare safely kept for future purposes.
  • It basicallysummarizes the financial transactions of any concerning business over a given period.

What does a financial statement consist of?

Nature of financial statements assignment help team also mentions what a financial statement consists of the following things as explained by John N. Myer:

  • Records of all the financial transactions of the business.
  • Techniques to improve the accounts of that business over time
  • Hypothesizes and conventions
  • Personal views regarding the above.

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