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What is a Multimeter?

A Multimeter is an electronic instrument for measurement. Also known as Volt-Ohm meter or VOM or simply a multi-tester, this instrument can help in measuring a number of functions through this singular unit. The usual functions that a Multimeter can measure are –

  • Current – Direct as well as Alternating, in Amperes
  • Voltage – Direct as well as Alternating, in Volts
  • Resistance – in Ohms.

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Types of Multimeters:

  1. Analog:

This is the older version of the Multimeter, but still, many engineers use this device due to its sensitivity to the changes of the circuit that it is measuring. These meters, constantly reads the value of the test. Even the slightest changes in the meter reading will be tracked and displayed by the movement of the needles in an analog Multimeter.

  1. Digital:

This type of Multimeter uses decimal digital resolution. It displays fractional digits. This meter displays the samples of the quantity that is being measured.

Features of a Digital Multimeter:

  • 0 and 1, are the most significant digit by convention – they are termed half-digit.
  • When it takes values higher than this, but less than 9, it is called three-quarters of a digit.
  • The measurements are more accurate in Digital Multimeters.

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Capabilities of Multimeter:

Auto range:

This feature helps you to select the correct range that will display the significant digits of measurement.

Auto polarity:

For voltage readings and direct current, this feature helps in measuring whether it is positive current or negative.

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