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What is MOSFET?

MOSFET is an abbreviated for Metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistor. It’s a device that comes to use in changing the amplifications of signals. It can be used to manipulate and modulate the flow of electrical charges to a significant extent. They have found an application in all electrical appliances which are used in the present times and it has four terminals which are the source, drain, gate and body.

Parts of MOSFET

Two terminals, drain and source are placed in the part which is rightly named as the body of the device an again as the name suggest, the gate finds its space above them and there is a kind of insulation made of particular materials which are placed between the said gate and the body, source and drain. MOSFET offers an economic solution which used they are for mass production.

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Types of MOSFET:

MOSFET transistors are of two kinds:

  • P-channel MOSFET
  • N-channel MOSFET

The first one is made of positive semiconductors and the charges which are free to move are positively charged, while the second one is the negatively charged MOSFET where the free moving charges are negative ones.

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