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What the MM theory explains?

MM theory was explained by the two experts Modigliani and Miller that how to determine the value of a firm. According to them, the underlying risk of assets and income of a firm determines its value.

So, what is the investment of a company and what distributes dividends are completely free from the value of a firm? This theory was explained in 1950 and influenced the business study. To understand this in a proper way a student can assume about a local firm or any company and get proper knowledge about this.

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What are the basic assumptions of the MM approach?

The basic assumptions of the MM approach are as follows-

  • No taxes
  • No cost for transaction
  • No costs of bankruptcy
  • Borrowing costs are always equivalent for both investors and companies
  • Market information must be symmetric. It means investors and the companies should have the equal information.
  • Debt does not have any effect on the earnings of a company before taxes and interest.

Now, it is important for a company to have a proper finance details and the capital structure theory can give the exact solution on that basis. So, if you have any hesitation, then Modigliani Miller Approach Mm homework help services are completely effective.

What are the related terms of MM approach?

These are –

  • Capital Structure
  • Borrowing cost
  • Issuing bonds
  • WACC
  • Financial Leverage
  • Net income Approach
  • Net Operating Income

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