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For many students, statistics is confusing. The main reason behind their confusion is the fact that they either do not pay enough attention in class or do not work on the sums carefully. A chapter like ‘Median’ is nothing too difficult to understand, but yes, it does require some time to solve this sums. Therefore, the main requirements to score high in Statistics are patience and concentration.

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What is Median in Statistics?

Median can be defined as number which stands halfway between the highest numbers and the lowest numbers in a given set, separating these two groups. In order to find the median of a particular set of numbers, they must first be arranged in ascending order. There are different formulae for finding the median of a set, and each formula applies to certain situations only. Finding the Median usually solves only a part of a sum. In most cases, one needs to find out the median in order to find out some other results.

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