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Presentation and advertisement both are very known term to all. They have a great significance in the outer world also. Every product and service requires a proper advertisement to all buyers for the best sale in a market. There are several media options for advertising your product and service to the public or buyers, such as:

  1. News papers
  2. Magazines
  3. Yellow pages
  4. Television
  5. Radio
  6. Mail
  7. Other (shopping bag, hand note, brochures etc.)
  8. Web sites

Media plan is to select a specific media option, for doing vigorous campaigns, to support a huge sale of a product or service within specific cost amount. Anybody who wishes to learn this subject matter perfectly can join our Media Plan assignment help on 24x7assignmenthelp.com.

Important factors

Media plan depends on several factors, the considerable factors are:

  1. No of person

It is most important factor that, to how many individuals or houses the campaign will be exposed through a particular media outlet.

  1. Frequency

Second important factor is, how many times the campaign will be repeated to the customers

  1. Costing

Cost for campaigning to an individual, known as cost per point. And cost for thousand person known as cost per thousand. It is most significant to clients and to the media that how much it will cost to send it to the desired number of customers.

  1. Effect

The campaigning should be appealing and effective to the public or buyers. So media planner must be aware of that, and must be careful enough for designing the campaign. It must support the product and carries the sense.

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  1. Selecting the media option

As we know that several option are there for advertising a product and service but selecting the right choice is most crucial. For example for a local product, local newspapers, magazines and hand notes are appropriate and cost effective but for advertising a branded product we have to select the leading newspaper, magazines, television, websites etc.

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