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What are the different types of Vibrations?

The different types of vibrations are –

  1. Free vibration
  2. Force Vibration
  3. What are the terms that you must know about?
  4. Damps
  5. Natural frequency
  6. Vibration analysis
  7. Newton’s Second law of motion
  8. Ordinary Frequency
  9. angular frequency
  10. Amplitude
  11. Natural frequency
  12. Damped natural frequencies
  13. Simple harmonic motion
  14. Resonance

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What are the different ways of Analysis?

  1. Free vibration without damping
  2. Free vibration with damping
  3. Forced vibration with damping

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What are the important topics related to Mechanical Vibrations?

The different topics are –

  1. Molecular Vibrations’
  2. Dynamic Vibration Absorber
  3. Active Vibration Control
  4. Fatigue damage spectrum
  5. Ground vibration
  6. Harmonic Oscillator
  7. String vibration

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