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Mechanical design is one of the core subjects to understand mechanical engineering in a better way. The study of this subject makes you aware of theformation of new machines, repair and upgradation in the existing one. To study the subject is not a big deal, but it is important to make sense out of each topic. offers acomplete solution to any query and serves you best in mechanical design assignment help.

Mechanical design:

Machine design or mechanical design can be defined as the study of various processes that converts resources into useful mechanical forms. This process needs human intervention to deal with all these conversation processes. In this subject, students come to know about:

  • Rigid body kinematics
  • Optimal design methods
  • Design of machine components
    • Shaft
    • Axle
    • Spindle
  • Finite element analysis

Rigid body kinematics:

Anideal rigid body is a system of particles in which the distance between particles remains unchanged. In rigid body kinematics, it is the study of displacement, velocity and acceleration of points along straight or curved paths due to external forces.

If these bodies are in rotation, then the term changes to angular displacement, angular velocity and angular velocity. It is also important to determine the linear dimensions.

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Optimal design methods:

Every design practices need experimental models. This is done with some statistical calculation. The estimation of designing elements requires precision with minimum variance. Optimal design methods deal with the study of:

  • Sequential analysis
  • Stochastic approximation
  • Use of computers

Design of machine components:

All the machines are made up of elements. Each elementis connected with other to have the required mechanism. The design ofmachine components with accurate shape and size is essential. Some of the elements include:

  • Shaft
  • Knuckle joints
  • Rivet
  • Piston

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Finite Element Analysis:

This is done in the computer to predict how an object behaves to the real-world forces. In Finite Element Analysis (FEA), prediction of effects of vibration, fluid flow and temperature is also possible.

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