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Let us see why measurement risk is so important in finance-

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  • Risk is the possibility that actual outcome can vary from the expected returns. So you need to measure the risk if you want that the investments should give good returns and there are various methods by which you can measure risk numerically.
  • Measuring risk will tell you whether a particular investment is less risky or more risky.
  • Higher will be the quantum of risk more are the chances for returns and vice versa.
  • It will help the students in optimizing the risk and choosing an investment option that helps in maximizing profits.
  • Understanding the concept of measurement risk will enable the students to understand volatility of investments in a better way.
  • This concept will help in predicting the returns in the long run by measurement of the risks involved and thus will enable in choosing the optimum portfolio.
  • It helps in planning and changing of various other strategies because let’s say once you come to know that an investment has become very risky and you cannot bear that much risk then you can withdraw your money from that and channelize it towards other less risky mediums.

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