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What is the meaning of Journal?

Journal in accounting is the record of financial transactions as they occur. This means it sets in chronological order with actual date mentioned. It is also termed as the book of original entry. This is done to have the record to post them in general or subsidiary ledger.

With the availability of computer-based accounting software, it is now easy to enter all the details in quick time. While entering the value of different transactions, we sometimes create different journals that include purchase journal, cash disbursement journal, cash receipts journal and general journal.

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General Ledger:

Aftermaking entries in the journal, you have to make Ledger entry. In this, records of accounting transactions will be kept by the name of different accounts. With the given name of the account, it will be ease to find any debit and credit related to the same.

In other words, accounts are the smaller section of accounting to keep financial transactions as per the purpose of its use. You can remove the barriers of understanding this subject with the effective support of our experienced experts.

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