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Introduction to market based ratios:

Market based ratio is used to analyze the performance of stock. Whether it is the goods or services provided by the company, it considers different factors to analyze the same.

Market based ratios can also be defined as stock evaluation. This indicatesthat the experts or market indicators get to know how the organization is performing.

For this reason, experts use different comparison tools. It is one of the important factors to concrete one’s stand in the market.

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Key factors of market based ratios:

This analysis highlights three major factors whether the market is:

  • Overvalued
  • Undervalued
  • Priced fairly

Each of the above factors is important in determining consequences of future capital investment. And for determining the same, it utilizes four main types of ratios (analysis methods):

  • Earnings per share
  • Price earnings ratio
  • Book value per share
  • Price/ Cash ratio

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  • Market value per share
  • Dividend Yield
  • Market/ Book ratio

Each of these methods of analysis is used in different ways as per the requirement to bring positive changes in the marketing statistics.

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