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What is Management of Services?

Management of Services is a system that is a vital part in the supply chain management connecting customer and the actual company sales. It aims to maximize the service supply chains given that these are generally more complex when compared to the finished goods supply chain. Its purpose is to integrate services and products and keep the levels of inventory smaller, in order to lower high expenses.

It is actually a practice devised to improve customer service processes of a company. This is a comprehensive, all-inclusive process that customizes the experience of a customer – right from his first moment of contact with the company to the time he is actually satisfied with entire transaction process. Shopping, troubleshooting and billing are some of the important parts in the customer experience. Management of Services aims to avoid mistakes or errors.

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Why effective management of services is crucial?

Poor Management of Services can result in high service costs, poor service performance or higher mistakes leading to the demands of customer service. Efficient Management of Services through a whole company can reduce the number of errors that result in lower needs for customers to contact customer care team. It helps in reducing the number of customer service requests. If errors are addressed beforehand, there will be no service issues and the company would not need to incur expenses to help customers and taking care for all problems that they face.

Management of services makes the process of satisfying customers more streamlined. The top management needs to be flexible and approachable so that the issues that pop up while aiming to appease clients can be readily addresses and resolved. A dynamic and proactive team ensuring that all falls into place is quintessential in weaving a success story for a company. It, in turn, helps in building the brand image of a company.

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