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Define Management audit

Management audit is known to be a systematic and organized examination that would involve analysis of overall performance related to management. There are several things that come into consideration while evaluating management audit. Both financial and non-financial factors are involved along with economic surroundings that would affect goals of a business.

  • It represents any critical assessment involved in management that helps to broaden different point of view
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It is known to be a procedure that would analyze performance of management while considering its plans and policies and processes involved.

Functions of management audit

Management audit may appear to be a complex task and it involves different functions which students need to understand so that complete clarification on topic is gained.

  • It helps to identify objectives related to any organization and such objectives are not established beforehand
  • It enables to review the structure as well as asset of an organization which finally helps to decide on goals to acquire
  • Allocation of overall objectives is possible that is distinguished in small parts
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Objectives of management audit

There are few objectives associated with management audit such as:

  • Help in enhancing profits of business
  • Give an assurance to fulfill goals
  • Allows management to focus on different activities and procedures

When it comes to management audit it is possible to relate different aspects of management and finally enable to scrutinize the audit that is carried out.

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