Make Academic Studies a Better Process by Pairing Various Subjects!

06 Jul Make Academic Studies a Better Process by Pairing Various Subjects!

Student: “How should I study that subject which does not interest me at all? I just so hate every subject. They are so boring!”

Teacher: “You have to complete your work and submit it! Read the book properly; you will understand each of the topics!”

Result: A dejected student!

As a student counselor who has been dealing with various types of students for more than a decade now, I have faced very many queries as to how to make a subject interesting. For most of the students, the major problem is that they simply have no idea regarding base of a subject, while schools and preparatory institutes also do not bother to help.

The result is a student, who not only detests a particular subject but also has no idea how to deal with it in emergency cases.

Being in this field, another very important factor that I have noticed is that students after a certain point of time start having negative impression on studies as a whole. In this way, their career and other career-related decisions are also harmed to a great extent.

Hence, it is important that before driving a child towards this point of suffocation, certain ideas need to be kicked up that would help in an overall development of the child, as well as ensure that this whole study process becomes enjoyable for him rather than a boring, monotonous routine.

Techniques to improve teaching process:

Here I would like to share a strategy that I had tried out during my stint in one of the schools, and it had been extremely successful.

‘’When single seem monotonous, mix it and zap it up!’’

I took up a specific English novel, ‘’Pride and Prejudice’’ by the renowned author Jane Austen. This novel quite unnaturally was not a favorite of many, though girls had a specific liking towards this novel. This came as quite a shock tome since it was important for a high school student to be well aware of the stock characters, know the circumstances and relate those with regular life. Nonetheless, I went ahead and discussed the themes of the novel.

After this basic discussion had been done, it was time for mixing and pairing them in a correct manner. Now this process was a bit tricky since not part of the syllabus would match up with the context as stated in the novel. Here are some of the important steps that I followed up.

  • Firstly, I ensured that I had completely discussed the themes and characters of the novel in detail. This gave the students a base for framing other queries.
  • Next, against this base, I took up discussion of the sociological notions of that time. It is common knowledge that when any art is created, it is specifically a reflection of its times. Hence, from the reading and discussion of the novel, the discussion jumped to sociological aspects.
  • In this way, my students could connect with the conditions that prevailed at those times and relate the novel against that.
  • As an addition to this, I drew a parallel thought from history, regarding land laws of that time, and what position women had in regards to claiming of their paternal property.
  • Finally, the discussion ended with how politics of that place, laws framed and hierarchical issues resulted in problems faced by commoners.

Post this discussion the class was in a much better shape in terms of understanding concepts. If you did notice that at the same time, multiple subjects were taken into consideration, and each was linked to the other. This helped in ensuring that equal footage was placed on each of the subjects that were taken into consideration in regards to that.

Understanding the syllabus and paring it:

Being a board member for formation of syllabi, it remains our priority that those topics which have connection with each other are chosen, so that students can interconnect and study. In this way, process of study becomes easier, and students are clarified about a particular period.

However, quite unfortunately, while actually studying a subject, with a grilling force of completing syllabus on time, this major aspect is left out. It is due to this that students who are bored with a single subject, either fit into a different zone or simply gets into a cocoon. It is the duty of the teachers to ensure that they understand each topic and ensures that students too know what to relate where.

In present times, there are a number of online professional websites that ensure that a link is provided in regards to mixing one subject with another and making each of them worth studying.

Steps to follow while pairing subjects up:

These are a set of tips to be followed by teachers that would ensure that a student would have a better understanding of each subject, every time they decide on getting to deeper concepts of a subject.

Step 1: Knowing the syllabus:

As a teacher, as I have always stated that I used to concentrate on knowing and understanding the syllabus. It is not always possible that syllabus would be according to chapters of a particular subject, but a general connection has to be made.

It is based on this general connection that students would frame their ideas and coordinate various subjects to make it interesting. The basic link of topic has to be provided by teachers themselves.

Step 2: Concentrating on concepts:

Conceptual understanding of subjects is of primary importance.  It is imperative that when you are teaching students to mix and match up various subjects, you should concentrate on conceptual pairing. Once concepts are placed against each other, this whole process of mixing and matching becomes all the easier, and students can get interested in this study process.

Do you know that such issues arise even at college level? Check out “5 points to be noted before choosing the Major subject in college”to get answers to such queries.

Step 3: Connecting subjects while doing assignments and homework:

This is another factor that has to be taken care of. Most of the students feel bored or lack proper information while completing their homework and assignments. Naturally, there comes a negation while they are doing it.

Prevent it by encouraging them to put in proper references. It is very important to hear out a student’s point of view and ensure that they have the correct references at hand and can put in at the desired point. When they understand such references and put in proper points, naturally quality of assignment betters and their boredom regarding a specific subject or subjects as such is reduced to a great extent.

Thus, I can surely state that by following these suggestions and helping students connect links of the subject with another, students can get a wider viewpoint regarding their studies and enjoy academic education.

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