Major Mistakes to Avoid in Assignments for College Students

06 Jul Major Mistakes to Avoid in Assignments for College Students

As a college student, it is very important to understand that assignments cannot be messed up. Why? These assignments will account for a majority of your grades. Also, it is the pivot which determines the impression which your professors have of you.

Still wondering if assignments really matter? Well, imagine this as an individual who wants to successful each of these works are a stepping stone to determine where you end up on the ladder of accomplishment. Therefore, the important question to ask oneself is how to improve? The answer simply lies in identifying your mistakes and not repeating it.

General mistakes

With the tiring schedules that are enforced on college students, it becomes very hard for them to be able to submit work which meets the standards expected by teachers.

However, if they want, they can help themselves and take preventive measures not to give up assignments which are below standard. To know what to do it is important to understand what not to do and to stop making mistakes. Common mistakes made are:

  • Starting too late

How many times have you told yourself “I will start my work today” and ended up getting sidetracked because of a party or some other distraction?Starting late can also be because of lack of interest. Have you ever asked yourself “can chemistry homework ever be interesting?”

At times students simply just like to do at the last minute because they are used to it. This is the biggest mistake that someone can do when it comes to college work. You need to start way ahead of time. Why do you ask? Because:

  1. You need to keep enough time to edit your work
  2. Finding good material to improvise in the assignment takes time
  3. You need to have a planned approach and way of presentation
  4. Preparation shows in work so make last minute efforts. Experienced teachers can tell the difference and mark accordingly.
  5. Giving yourself time allows you the chance to relax and complete in leisure.

Hence the crucial mistake that needs to be avoided at all circumstances is leaving it to the last minute.

  • Lack of seriousness

Today students hardly realise the impact of their life choices and ignorance on their future. Everyone believes that they need to seize the day and live to the fullest and chants slogans of freedom to live.

However, what is ignored is that precious time is passing by and when the cloud of euphoria fades what will be left is too little time to make something of them. So get serious if you want a good career. This does not mean stop living but plans more efficiently to accommodate times for fun and serious study.

  • Ignoring quality

This can be the most critical mistake which most people make. They always tend to look towards the quantity of work, but if in all those pages there lacks quality you will hardly get a good grade. Hence to be the best you have to produce the best and to produce the best you need to put in hours of research and make the best of the opportunities available.

  • Plagiarism

Copy pasting is something which has become a disease. At the onset understand this that if you paste something straight from a book or Wikipedia or another educational website your teacher is not going to appreciate it.

Education is about learning and how can you learn if all you do is just paste the thoughts of others. These mediums are for you to do research and come up with your own understanding. In college, you need to be able to think and produce that on paper.

Specific mistakes

Now when it comes to the assignment in itself, there are some glaring mistakes which need to be stopped immediately. Are you a sincere student yet failing to get good grades? Worried about where you are going wrong? The following are some common mistakes that need to be avoided:

  • Insufficient editing

When you have to submit an assignment, make drafts which will help you submit your best work. Do not just submit the first draft without going over the lines and seeing if it all makes sense. Sometimes we write what makes sense at that moment but it needs filtering and that is what you need to do.

  • Lack of paragraphs

At times while writing an assignment the thought of breaking it into paragraphs leaves our mind. Each assignment should be divided into paragraphs so that there are sufficient divisions in the paper when compared to the total number of words. This helps the person correcting the paper to read smoothly without hurting the eyes and also to understand the flow of work.

  • Weak introduction

The biggest that you can make as a college student who has to submit work is to start in an abrupt or weak way. The introduction is the first impression that the reader gets and if that is weak and unable to catch interest, then no one will want to read the full paper no matter how informative and good it might be. Be cautious to not make this silly mistake that could cost you a perfect grade.

  • Incorrect referencing

Sometimes people do not even understand that they are making mistakes and that their referencing poor. So what is referencing? It is gathering information about a particular concept or idea which needs to be elaborated. So how can you reference correctly? Do not just copy something which is using high-end language try to understand it and produce that in your own way.

  • Grammatical errors

This is the most drastic and common mistake, and students should take complete liability for it. Most just write the way they text their friends which are informal. The assignments are for your college and hence must be formal and have correct grammar without any colloquial terms or short forms or abbreviations. This cannot be stressed enough because if you do use English which is informal you are bound to be penalised.

  • Improper conclusion

As much as the starting the ending of paper or assignment holds equal value. So if you are sure that your introduction was magnificent make sure the conclusion is equally attractive and leaves the reader with a sense of fulfilment and clarity. The approach to write this can depend on. Some prefer to end on a rhetoric question while others are clearer cut and to the point. The way to end can differ, but the impact must be strong.

Hence on close analysis, it can be understood that it is important to refrain from making mistakes that affect assignments.