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Introduction to long-term financial plans

It is a monetary strategy applied by the organization with duration of more than one year. It is this planning process from which a company’s annual budget, which is aligned with financial objectives are developed. While planning for long-term it is important that it is made flexible due to the uncertainty involved in the market trends.

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Importance of financial planning in an organization

  • Ability to deal with long-term financial challenges effectively
  • Deal with market volatility without much loss
  • Better preparation and anticipation for unexpected monetary shocks
  • Maintain a consistency in its level of performance throughout a financial year
  • Link the annual budget with the long term strategy for better results

Difficulties faced by students

  1. Trouble in understanding the implementation of long-term financial plan
  2. Inability to differentiate between the short-term goals and long term goals
  • Difficulty in managing the calculations
  1. Unable to manage the lengthy problems within the deadline
  2. Inability to solve the case studies of financial plans resulting in a poor assignment

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