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Finance is the one subject that teaches you to manage your finance and your earnings in the most sensible way imaginable. The very aspect of finance is the expert management of money.

 Be it companies of all sorts or your own personal finance, the knowledge of it will bring you nothing but prosperity and success in life.

Finance, however, has various aspects and many chapters and concepts for you to deal with and the most important among those is the loan amortization.

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What is Loan amortization?

Loan amortization is the simple method by which you have to pay for not just the principle that you are to pay back when you payback for a past loan but also its interest. For example, if you are to pay back 108$ in all with 12% rate of interest, you have to pay 120 $ in all and 10$ every month instead of 9$ which will only help you pay back the principle.

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Which are the branches of finance?

Finance has many branches but the most important ones among them are:

  • Personal finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Public finance

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