Get to Know the Limitations of Trial Balance for a Complete Study

A company must have a record of all financial transactions. In the past it was book keeping system that was used to note down all data relating finance. But now it has become easier by using various accounting programs and computer applications. What haven’t change are the steps required to complete all statements. Trial balance is one important step to prepare other necessary statements. But there are limitations. We can teach you that with Limitations of Trial Balance Assignment Help. Visit us at

Trial balance and the general features:

Trial balance is a statement that is prepared after the end of every accounting year. This includes debit or credit balances of ledger accounts. You may ask a question here on what it is needed for. The answer is to recognize any error in ledger account entries. If there is any mathematical error in ledger accounts then it will reflect in trial balance. So as a result, an accountant can fix it.

When we come to explaining a topic, we’ll definitely mention their features to go one step ahead. You can find information on features of trial balance from Limitations of Trial Balance Assignment Help:

  • It is made after a ledger account closes and calculates its debit and credit values.
  • Trial balance has debit and credit columns.
  • The debit or credit amount of ledger accounts after closing is transferred to the debit or credit side/column on trial balance.
  • Trial balance is known as a statement and not as an account.
  • It is a step required before following much higher financial statements like balance sheet, trading account or even profit and loss account.

Limitations of trial balance:

From Limitations of Trial Balance Assignment Help you will get some points on this topic:

  • If there is any financial data that is mistakenly forgotten to note down in ledger account then they will also not appear in trial balance. As there is a connection in debit and credit accounts and one debit account tends to follow a credit account or vis-à-vis then this problem is almost incurable in trial balance. Ultimately, both debit and credit sides will balance.
  • Trial balance seems to remain silent on problems when an amount is right but it was placed in wrong column or side, like placing a data in debit side which was needed to be in credit side or opposite.
  • The sides will balance anyway even if you mistakenly record one right amount in right side but in wrong account.
  • There are one similar problem where right amount is recorded and in right side but mentioned more than once.

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